Thursday, June 3, 2010

We love dogs (or just dog food)... and snake, oh my

Hi Abbey... whatcha doin? (notice she is covered in mud from spending time in my back yard - if there is dirt/mud her tracking device goes off full force)

ummm... don't mind me mom, I got a hankerin' for a little puppy chow.

Yep. That hits the spot every time. It tastes so much better on your hands and knees. 
Piper's looking at me like, "So can I have Abbey's food since she's eating mine?" Keep in mind that usually Abbey will shut the laundry room door first so I won't bug her or make her stop eating dog food.

Paige would gladly trade almost anything for a puppy. 

If she had her way she would fill up our entire back yard with nothing but pups.

ooohhh... how did my daughters turn out to be such animal lovers?

Oh, maybe it is their dad fault, this is his new pet, "Sam Boba-fett Buchanan" the ball python snake. It's just a small thing, maybe 2 feet long. We watched it eat it's first mouse the other day, it was disturbing and so mesmerizing at the same time.

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JC and Jen Young said...

did you guys get 2 more puppies? they are cute.