Friday, November 4, 2011

School Pictures 2011

Here are the 1st professional pics of my baby. I know... I know... Bad Moms of America Club (I am a member in good standing) 

I love that you can see her two tiny teeth. 

and there is the 'James smile' (where her eyes turn into half moons) that she's famous for.
Here's my Abbey.

so cute - and such a little stinker all in one.

 I hear 'momma, you make me laugh' almost as much as I hear 'mom, your makin' me crazy'

 Handsome boy! Can you believe he is already in 2nd grade?

I love this one because it shows his cracked front tooth. You know how they say imperfections shows character. This boy oozes character. 

He went to the dr.'s today for his infected toe and I took him out to lunch after. He got a Jamba Juice and we were sitting on a nice covered patio eating lunch and he said, 'This is the life. We should do this more often." 

Here's the best of both of us. She is smart, cute, and fun to hang out with. 

 I just dread when she gets old enough to babysit. All my dreams of free babysitting will probably be shoved aside for paid babysitting. She loves kids - some of her best friends are half her age.

Thank goodness she is as good as she is cute and not really into boys yet (knock on wood)!

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Beka said...

cute kids Mar:) i should've used jenna this year- then i wouldn't have boys that look like they are wearing pink lipstick:) oh well....another consequence of NOT listening to Master Maren:)

PS- glad you like "virtually" ilke the blue wall-we really need to get tickets for twilight...before its too late:)