Monday, November 14, 2011

Halloween Party & Trick o' Treating

This year I thought it would be fun to have a Halloween party with costumes and games. L to R: Tessa, Myla, Crystal, Avery, Anderson, James, Seth, Paige, Cade, Karlee, Lucas (in front) Kaylee and Abbey

I let them all invite a few friends but since it was just days before Halloween a lot of kids had a lot going on and came and went. 

 I loved the costumes. We had the princesses. Tessa, Karlee & Crystal

 We had animals: Lucas (turtle), Abbey (dog), and Karsyn (Hello kitty)

We had Ninja's: James, Avery, and Seth 

We had defenders of freedom: Cade (Bumblebee) & Andesron (soldier) 

and a Miscellaneous group: Paige (vampire), Myla Cyrus (Hannah Montana), and Kaylee (Asoka - Star Wars Clone Wars) 

and a big witch and a baby witch 

This was a cool games. We divided up in small groups and wrapped a mummy. First group to use all their toilet paper won - only thing - they had to work as a group. 

Paige & Karlee 

Logan, James & Karsyn 

Avery, Crystal and Karlee having a hard time getting it started. 

 Lucas, Cade and Tessa worked together really well.

 They totally had a system down.

Anderson, Myla & Seth deciding on a plan of action. 

James getting mummified. 

Paige is crusing. 

They had so much fun, lots of giggles going on. 

Cade mummified. 

 Karlee & Myla looking a little tied up.

The winner is - Paige & Karlee  

Karlee breaks free from her bands. 

 James a little concerned about breathing. Toughin up! Your a mummy for heck sakes!

Here they are making bones. We took stick pretzels and put a mini marshmallow on each end and rolled them in white chocolate. Karsyn, Avery & James loved this part. 

Our goodie bags were mini brooms. What a fun party. I didn't get pics of the other games. I was out numbered but thanks everyone for coming it was a BLAST!

 Here the kids are all dressed up for Saturday Night block party. James and Nick are on the left. Abbey, Paige, and Elle are in the middle with Josh & Zack on the right.

 They had such a blast. I didn't take any pics but it was a great night.

 Here we are Monday on our way to Grandma's house to Trick or Treat. Paige is trying to keep Abbey awake in the car.

Our little pirate was exhausted. 

Here were are sitting out to hand out candy. The candy basket was enormous. We had left overs for weeks that I ate. Annette wouldn't let Jason bring out the couch so we settled for camping chairs.

 Abbey & Paige

 Paige, Elle & Abbey

 No pic is complete without a James

Those are my crazy hyped up on sugar kids

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