Monday, November 14, 2011

Costume Pics

 I'd forgotten I took these pics when we first bought the kids costumes. James loved being a Ninja and put on his costume everyday after school.

 His mask is a black t-shirt. You can learn many things on the internet.

 SHe has that glazed over stare down pat. Now we just need some glitter and sunshine.

 She was pretty bummed her prop teeth didn't work out.

She's been watching 101 Dalmatians for a few weeks now and calls her costume "Pongo" 

This is way too true to life. She really thinks she's a dog some days. 

Handsome Ninja. ka pow, ka chow!... I mean Kadush!


Beka said...

ha! my twinners had the same ninja costume...i hate how many pieces it has with it:)

cute kids, fun party, must've lost my invite....haha jk:)

you are a great hostess!!!

Bubbly Faces said...

Way to be blogging again!! Fun post, and thanks for being the fun Mom that invites my kiddos to all of the amazing things you do.So glad I could cash in on that:)