Tuesday, February 12, 2008

goofy golfing with 3 goofballs

Last week we decided to have a family day and took the kids "goofy golfing" at Sun Splash. It was a lot of fun. More so then I would have guessed. It's funny because you always think your kids are too young to do certain activites until you take them and realize it was perfect. I love that this shot looks like a PGA serious moment.

We had James constantly trying to steal our balls from us and Paige who was determined to make it in the hole even if it took her 500 shots. She was so serious and cute about it. The course was pretty busy and we had some wait time and people shooting right behind us. We had to be quick on our feet to keep James from stealing their balls or messing up their shots.

We had a couple behind us on a blind date. They guy knocked his ball off the course and I grabbed it and went to hand it back to him, thinking he might want to restart the shot - I was just short of being reprimanded for touching his ball. How dare I? And yet I don't really wonder why he is still single.

This was my handsome partner. One serious deadly weapon with a club. Yes, we did sword fight. James won - I gave up early worried about loosing my head or other members of my body.

Taking a moment of downtime. After wards we took the kids out to eat at On the Border - it was okay (actually ... yuck) I had the worst Chimichanga of my life and it doesn't help that I'm nauseated and after 2 bites I wanted to throw up (but the changa really wasn't good). The day was a blast and the kids had a lot of fun. They thought it was pretty cool that we went inside a castle. We let them play one game and of course it was a candy game. I love family time!

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The AZ McMillans said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun having a family day. It was the perfect weather for it too!