Thursday, March 6, 2008

goodbye grandma

My mother's mom, Barbara Hope Adams, passed away on Feb 28th. I spent this last week in Utah attending her viewing & funeral. It was a bitter sweet time. All of my brothers & sisters were together (except 'no show Joe' - no shocker there, he missed my wedding as well) - it was a great time to see family & friends and remember a great lady.

My grandma gave me a tape of her life a few years back along with the pictures of her above inspired me to write the poem featured below (I do not claim any talent to poetry. I'm a hack artist at best... it was to be the basis for lyrics to accompany a song written by my sister Sunny).

(left) My grandma as a little girl - (right) me as a little girl
Shelby, Paul, Randy, baby Lynn & Barbara (she was the mother of twelve - 2 preceded her in death)... she had her share of good and hard times, but was generous and kind hearted to the end. If you ever mentioned a doll you liked or a trinket in her home, it was yours before you left her house. We have numerous porcelain dolls she gave to me and Paige. She was always thinking of others. She loved her grand and great grandchildren. I tried to capture that in this poem.

Barbara’s Song

I remember the time we played out in the yard,
Sitting in pots our life seemed almost charmed.
That summer lasted a lifetime
And the happiness we felt
And the smiles that we shared
What more could I’ve asked for

Thick as thieves, the summers pass by,
time spent chasing dreams, my sister and I.
In her metal chair with hummingbird wings,
Her voice sweet like the wind in my dreams.
She showed me the path, myself I would find,
With angels wings soared, I was left behind.

A soldier left with a ring on my finger,
I closed my eyes and remembered him tender.
Hope filled my days and nights with no sleep,
Letters flowed together with turmoil and peace.
My will was tested and my soul tried,
My heart broke the day he died.

I trudged along; my heart ached for that loss,
Then I met you who picked me up knowing the cost.
I knew you would change my life in a whirl,
You cared enough for this broken hearted girl.
The twinkle of your eye said you would sustain me,
The years flew by, and life's bumps we couldn't see.

Our story was filled with turmoil and love,
Endless nights that tried us, blessings from above.
Letters that hurt us and lives which fell apart,
Words and pictures that healed our tender hearts.
Light overcomes darkness and heals our sorrow,
And that’s what this old woman remembers now.

We had moments that made the angels weep,
Shared twelve beautiful memories that we keep.
I stood as your endearing friend when the cancer took you,
Watching over every leaf in our tree, I knew you'd see them through.
I hear your voice in the darkness and feel your cheek next to mine,
You’ve come back to me from another life and time.

My body has withered, my face filled with lines,
Generations created, line upon line.
I'm showered with smiles, the little ones so dear,
They love me forever without judgment or fear.
I give away my trinkets, little memories each one,
So they will remember that I love them, when I'm gone.

A long road I have traveled
Filled with laughter and tears
That summer has lasted my lifetime
And the happiness I have felt
And the smiles I have shared
Are more then I can ask for

- Maren Byrnes Buchanan 11/05

I love you Grandma - you were an amazing example to me. I can only hope to be remebered as sweetly or as endearing as you have.


The Blakes said...

What a beautiful tribute! And quit being so modest about your ability to write - you're amazing!

The McMillans said...

Maren, I am so sorry. What resemblances your children, mom and all your siblings have to her! The crazy thing, is that my Grandma was named hope, and my maiden name is Adams. That is so spooky to me. Maybe we are related? That would be weird. What a beautiful woman she was and is. I hope you take time to mourn and remember her. I love the poem so much.

Jill Manning said...

Maren, I am so sorry to hear about your Grandma. She sounds like an amazing we can all catch a glimpse of where you get it from! Your tribute was beautiful!

~Nikki said...

Beautiful post, dearie!

WIsh we could've seen you last week while you were here. Our condolences to you and your family