Sunday, June 8, 2008

11 Days of Avery (Sunday)

I thought today might be a little slow, which is okay. Today is Sunday & I'm exhausted. We were up at 6:30am to get Megs off to the airport & get ready for Jen & Jeremy Greer's baby blessing, which started at 8am. Jason thought like he was Speed Racer and we made it in good time. Tessa was gorgeous and slept through the entire thing just like a perfect angel. We came home. Avery & Paige painted a "Boys" sign for Chase Gaddie's bday and I made pancakes. We put faces on them and then I was ready for a nice long nap. I wanted to go to my ward at least for Sacrament Meeting, since a bunch of us in YW got released - but Jason got called in & there was no way I was going to church dragging 3 kids along (I know I'm the worlds biggest wimp! My mom is probably rolling her eyes right about now, 'Yes, Maren. You are a wimp.')

Around 4pm we headed over to Jason's parents for Chase's 2nd birthday. I think my kids were more excited then he was. But he loved his new slide to go in their new big backyard. Today was a nice slow day. I like slower days.

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