Sunday, June 8, 2008

12 Days of Avery (Saturday)

This is how we began our morning. Avery & Paige helped Jason wash both dogs. They were covered in slobber & dog water, but had a good time doing it.
My kids second favorite restaurant is Peter Piper Pizza - were we went to eat before the movie started. Each of the kids got tokens to spend & ate lotsa yummy pizza.

Movie Time Saturday - to see the latest kids movie!

Can we say Kung fu Panda should be on your must see list if you have kids or even remotely like Jack Black. It was really well done and rolls along with J.Black humor around every corner. Afterwards my kids thought they were Kung fu Masters. Check out their mad skills.

In front of the Cinemark by our house is this outdoor kid splash area, which really comes in handy if you live in the desert and it's 100' degrees and your kids are determined to get wet. You think they would be sufficiently tired out after that - no such luck. We headed out to the HAC... if you live in the valley and don't know the HAC you really need to acquaint yourself to it. It's the Hamilton Aquatics Center in Chandler (aka public pool that rocks) - they have water slides, lazy river, a swirling vortex (aka the toilet bowl) so you can feel what it's like to be flushed away, and a zero depth play area for kids. It's great & best part about it - it's dirt cheap. 50 cents a kid. You can't even buy drinks at Sonic for that cheap during Happy Hour. It was great having Megan with us. I don't know how I would have done it alone. Jason was on call and opted to see the New Indiana movie, because that is easier then trying to swim with a cell phone. James pert near pooped in the pool. Thank heavens i figured out what he was trying to do before he accomplished his feat and took him to the bathroom. When we came out he jumped right in the deeper end of the pool... umm. Last i checked he couldn't swim for more then 5 seconds. I screamed and threw my huge pregnant body in after him. I'm sure we were quite a site.

We got home after 6pm and started to make dinner, but were hindered by lack of ingredients. We actually ended up eating around 7:30pm after a quick jaunt to the grocery store in my swimsuit with sun dress, raccoon eyes, and hair frizzed out to next week. I was quite a site - good thing I saw like 3 people I know. We had a nice candle light dinner. While we were eating James blew out like 6 of the 9 candle so we were fortunate food got to our mouths and not up our noses despite not being able to see anything. Avery & Paige made a chocolate cake, that Paige didn't get to eat because she passed out before it was cooled off. I passes out shortly afterwards. Good Day! Megan leaves on Sunday & I will miss her. She finished painting Peter Pan on the ceiling of the school room. Yeah Megan! She rocks!

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JC & Jen Young said...

Hey I live in my sun dress raccon eyes and crazy hair after we swim and since we live here I always see peopele I know I don't even care anymore and when can I sign Sadie up for 14 day Maren Camp?!?!?!