Saturday, June 7, 2008

13 days of Avery (Friday)

This is Avery Brooks Carter & Paige when Paige was a few months old. Avery is the oldest child of my sister Kelly. She also has 2 younger brothers but always wanted a "stister" - from an early age Avery adopted Paige as her younger stister. Don't they look like they could be stister's?

This summer we get the pleasure of having Avery stay with us for 13 days just by herself. Paige has been at her wits end for weeks waiting for Avery to get here. Yesterday... that day came.

My baby sister Megan flew down from Utah with Avery. She was super excited to ride on a plane AND get to spend the summer in "Marizona" with her favorite Aunt & cousins.

Paige wanted to take them out to eat - so we went to my kids favorite restaurant, IHOP. Avery & Paige had the chocolate chip face pancakes.

Megan couldn't decide which was tastier, her stuffed french toast OR the syrup on James cheek.

Paige & Avery got to attend their first Quinceneara (I know I spelled that wrong) - This is Brisa who just turned 15 years old (she is in our YW group at church) and invited us to her huge Mexican Fiesta. Paige was in love with her huge Cinderella dress. They loved all the dolls & centerpieces made out of tea sets. It was quite a fun party.

This is Dani, Paige, Avery & Karla. (Dani & Karla are also from YW and cousins) - aren't they gorgeous girls! Dani is Brisa's younger sister. Pretty much a Quincinceara is like a huge lavish wedding reception. This was the first I've ever been to. It was pretty amazing. All of their dresses were made by Celia Zazueta (our YW Pres.) She is so talented. They had great food, a mariachi band preform, and a dj (helped by Celia) that kept things funky. I only wish I would have got video of Paige & Avery dancing. It was hilarious!
When we came home it was pretty late. We were all a little tired out. Megan decided to stay the weekend & finish painting the walls of my school room, and Avery & Jason made paper airplanes. Jason's plane unfortunately didn't fly as well as Avery's, hers Rocked! Stay tuned to hear more of our days with Aves.

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