Monday, September 8, 2008

what's new with the Buchanan's

Well, I'm happy to report that after a bumpy start James is having a great time in preschool and "not fighting" with other kids in his class. The first full 2 hours rocked his world & he came out swinging. After a conference with the teacher and working with him all weekend - yesterday he had a great day with no problems. He is such a great kid & I know that because I'm with him all the time. I just want other people to realize how much fun he is & how smart he is. This picture was taken last week before church. The tie lasted about 20 seconds. Oh well, we'll work on that next.
As for Miss Paige she is on count down baby mode. Everywhere we go & everyone we meet gets told that I'm having a baby (not that it's not painfully obvious) - she is the most excited kid & I'm so glad. I know she will be such a huge help. She still says she wants one of each if you ask her if she'd rather have a boy or girl. At first she had her heart on a girl, but now she doesn't seem to have a preference.
Speaking of babies... we are so lucky to have Jason home with us for 2 weeks after the baby comes. I am most excited about that. I'm sure he will get stir crazy and appreciate what it's like being a stay at home parent. But it will be fun for him to pick up kids from school, drop them off, take them to the Dr. & dentist, etc. As for doctors... I had an appt. yesterday, nothing has really changed. I have an ultrasound on Thursday to see how big the baby is & we're keeping our fingers crossed that they will induce me on Friday or Saturday.
James is obsessed with the Polar Express right now. Every night he asks if we can go on the Polar Express. We've done it for the last couple years. This year we plan on going to Disneyland for Christmas - so that means no Polar Express.

Paige in her get up all ready for the Polar Express... that won't be happening tonight.

For Labor Day we went to the Zoo with Jason. It was a nice treat to have him along. We only went for a few hours, but were glad for the train pass - I wasn't in the mood to climb a hill or pass out at the top. The train slows down enough to catch a glimpse of the lions & tigers, and rhino. We got out at the petting zoo, but were a little disappointed at the lack of animals to pet this time of year. Oh well... maybe next time.

Howdy Folks! My name is Paige. Welcome to the Phoenix Zoo... I'll be your host today.

James trying to reclaim his roots & find his true brothers & sisters in the monkey cage.


The AZ McMillans said...

You are sure keeping busy for an about-to-burst preggo. Good for you! I'm so glad James is doing well in preschool. I love Paige in that hat. I CAN'T WAIT to meet Baby Buch. Castor oil or the trampoline?

Les said...

thank you! but if you are a member of the SSC, then you are ahead of me! i am trying to make the 5 ruffel apron now. we will see how it goes! tell DH that you have wonderful taste and know what you are doing :)

Jenni said...

You family is really cute. If you want to have that baby sooner walking worked for me. My MIL took me shopping for two days straight and I went into labor five days early!

JC and Jen Young said...

I love that picture of Jay and James they look so handsome! I am excited for baby b also I think its a boy. let me know what happend at the ultra sound...