Saturday, April 18, 2009

in the thick of it

just giving an update... I'm in the trenches of writing my thesis (yeah!) Hopefully the first draft will be done tonight (or tomorrow at the least). I need to email it to the brave women who offered to be readers for me and on Wednesday (22nd) I will turn it in to one of my peers for their evaluation. The following Wednesday (29th) I will turn it into my advisor and do a presentation for the class. My semester is over. My grad career as a Master's student ends in just a week or so. How weird to be at the end of something. 

I've been going to school for the last ten years. I think I've only taken 2 semesters off (and had a couple rocky ones after the birth of both older kids), just taken two or three classes at a time. It's crazy to think it will be done within a matter of weeks. I'm excited, but wonder what I will do with myself. You hear that question so many times and always reply with a pithy word or two. But now it is real. I'm not sure about preschool in the fall. I should have taken this year off, but I still need to formulate a plan. I want to spend more time writing for sure and I've really grown fond of teaching writing. Maybe I will look for some part time work teaching. I've had a plan for so long and now... just not sure. But I will be done (for now at least)
This is what I've amassed in the last ten (or so) years:
1990-1994 - Provo High School: Not enough credits to be eligible for graduation
1995 - Obtained GED from Utah Valley State College
1995-1996 - some credits from UVSC (non degree seeking)

got married - relocated to Arizona - became a serious student

1999-2001 - (AGS) Associate in General Studies from Mesa Community College
(AA) Associate of Arts from Mesa Community College

2001-2004 - (BA) Bachelor of Arts, English Literature
Minor, Women's Studies 
Undergraduate Certificate, Writing

2005-2009 - (MA) Master of Arts, English Rhetoric and Composition

And I'm waiting to hear back if I will defend this summer or in the fall? So official graduation will probably be December 17th. Now the plan... pay back student loans and let Jason continue on in his educational pursuits or not...


RatalieNose said...


YAY YAY YAY FOR Starting a new chapter in "The Life of Maren!"

Lewis said...

I think you're pretty awesome for obtaining your Masters all while having and raising three children. What an accomplishment!

Brett & Emily soon to be Randall said...

wow i wish i was done.. good for you!

Jill Manning said...

Bravo Maren! You have been an inspiration to me starting from that very first car ride together to Girls Camp. I'm so proud of you and your ability to persevere and get everything done!!

niKKi said...

I totally look up to women like you, I seriously wish I had the desire and the dedication it takes to go to college. I never enjoyed school that much, Sooooo good job you should be proud!!!

Oh and yeah, three kids in the middle of that.......impressive!

The Nielson Family said...

yeah sorry I gave you the wrong impression that I was losing weight with someone. I have cheerleaders. aka Paul, jody, becca etc. I love your blog page have I said that. I want mine to look as cool as yours. seriously =)

matusichfamily said...

Hey Lady,
I just wanted to say "way to go" i'm really happy for you and proud of you.. I knew that you would be an amazing woman!! Snap's to you.. :) Love, Tiffer