Saturday, September 29, 2007

dark clouds looming

I'm not sure that I agree with the saying that it' darkest before the dawn, when it was raining for 40 days don't you think some of the animals of little faith were just about ready to jump overboard. It is so damn hard not to abandon ship in hopes that things will eventually work out. Dear friends & stalkers, I am talking about potty training. My friend Christie said it's really not up to the kid, but greatly depends on the parents determination. That is so TRUE!!! I am not the "Lance Armstrong" of dedicated parents. I slack off more then most - this potty training thing has just about done me in. The second day of PT we had 2 poopies that didn't really seem to bother him. I smelled him & made him go. He might have waddled around for hours if it were up to him. He will go if I take him, but he doesn't tell me before hand and most times it after the fact, not a little sprinkling but a full on flood. We were at Joann's today and I only notice because I picked him up to put him in the cart.... Yuck! When will the day dawn break? Where is my bloody rainbow? This mom was not built for endurance.


The AZ McMillans said...

Maren, the rainbow will shine through soon! Too bad there won't be a pot 'o gold at the end, but at least James will be able to make it to the pot 'o toilet!

The Blakes said...

You keep rewarding James with trains for enduring, and we'll bring you Diet Cokes for your efforts. There, there, does that sound better now?


(I might need the favor returned in a few years!)