Friday, November 12, 2010

Harvest Party - Nov 11th

 Since the kids were out of school for Veteran's Day - we decided to have a Harvest Party. I let the kids invite 5 friends each, but I think we ended up with more, which just adds to the fun.

 First we bobbed for apples. Brigham was quite efficient at it.

 Maddie didn't want to stick her face in water and just picked a pretty one.

 Myla was game for it and got it on her second try, Seth sitting behind her just picked one up and started crunching away.

 Abbey at first just picked them out and handed them to me.

 Karsyn got one in seconds.

She used the stem, smart lil' thing.

Same with Tessa. After the kids bobbed out the apples we stuck sticks in them and Jessie doused them in carmel.

 Abbey got into the spirit of things.

That's my girl.

 Reese was a champ. He really liked bobbing.

What a handsome boy.

Olivia just picked one out that looked good.

Kaylee wasn't about to be outdone by these little kids.

Chase was so cute, he picked up a few of them looked them over then chose one. He's a boy with good taste.

 Cade couldn't wait for his turn.

Who knew bobbing for apples could be so much fun?

Carla was one of the most patient and waited 'til the end to bob.

 She got one - good girl.

 Next we played eat-a-donut-on-a-string-without-using-your-hands game.

 I think it was more fun for me then them.

 They were hilarious to watch.

Maddie thought we were crazy for not just using our hands.

She was like, 'this game isn't that hard'

Tessa was determined to eat the donut until it fell off. 

She's a determined little thing. 

 Go Tessa! go Tessa!

 Gavin didn't see why he couldn't use his hands, but he was a good sport.

 powdery goodness...

Chase was like 'why'd you put it on a string? weird' - he LOVED the donuts! 

 Reese was also determined to eat the entire thing off the string.

He came out smiling.

Miss Myla loves a good donut.

Same with Olivia.

 Brigham could hardly wait for his turn.

This was definitely the highlight of the party.

Caders enjoying the powdered sugar.

James watched everyone before him with serious anticipation.

Seth having his turn.

 Good job Seth!

 I think he ended up the powdery-est. Notice Abbey eating a donut. I don't know where she kept coming up with them, but she seemed she had a nice supply.


 Kaylee was a good sport, despite me moving the donut around and laughing.

She stuck to it and got the job done. 

 Carla was last and earned her donut.

 Her determination payed off.

of course I gave Paigey a hard time. Don't you love the haircut? She cried at first, but I think she likes it now.

She was getting annoyed at me, her donut was doing circles. 

Good girl. After this activity we ate lunch and then our carmel apples. What a fun day! Thanks everyone for coming and Thanks Christie & Jessie for staying and helping me out. What a fun day!


The Blakes said...

You are such a fun mom!

Beka said...

what a fun party for kids----great idea!!