Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Picture Day - Oct 19th

 My friend Jenna from Jameson Photos is an amazing photographer. We've made it a tradition to skip traditional school pictures and just take them with her.

 Some how she can capture them at their best, even when having a rough time. Abbey was screaming only 2 minutes before this picture.

I love that I get 3 poses and all of them are amazing... oh, how much better would have my grade school photos looked through a professional lense.

 Look at my handsome son! He is so photogenic.

yes. I will admit Jason and I make good looking babies. 

 I think James might be the only one more excited about our baby then I am. Sunday he spent time giving my stomach raspberries and talking to the new baby. I know she will love this boy. 

 This girl just gets prettier and smarter everyday.

 I know she will be my biggest asset when the new baby comes. Abbey already thinks she is the coolest thing ever - I know Elinor Kathryn will adore her big sissa as well.

Anyway, these are the adorable Buchanan's of the 2010-2011 school year. If you live in the valley or will be here visiting, I would definitely give Jenna a call. She is so worth it! (and better priced then the school's pictures)


Brett and Emily said...

so cute!!i want abbys hair!

the Picketts said...

ok, i LUV abby's shirt---so cute- did you make that?

Jill Manning said...

I love Jenna! She is so talented, especially capturing little kids perfectly. It not an easy thing to do but her pictures make it look effortless. I forgot all about the pillowcase dress until I saw Abbey wearing hers, now I want to make a few dozen for Elsie this year. Abbey looks so cute in hers!

JC and Jen Young said...

I lover these pictures! Those are some cute cute cute kids. Abbey Dabbey is so adorable! James makes me laugh and he is SO photogenic! Paige is gorgeous! I love every single one of them, and can't wait to meet Ellie.