Monday, November 1, 2010

smarty party pants & Halloween

This assembly I went to the other morning at my kids school recognized perfect attendance for the 1st quarter. James is standing up next to Mr. Curry his teacher.

Paige also had obtained perfection.  

At first I was super proud - then I realized it's only because we haven't been on any really cool trips this year (dang).

These are the 3rd grade Try Awards. Here the teachers in 3rd grade recognize the students who have made improvements in English, Math, Reading, Writing, or Citizenship (behavior). 

Paige has improved in Math be leaps this year. She might even make it into the elusive "Math Facts" club. A really cool elite club at Whittier. They have to do a certain number of problems in 3 minutes with 97% accuracy. 

This is Paige, her bff Kaylee, Riley getting an award, and Mr. Husbands (Paige's teacher). He's really different from her teacher last year and has high expectations for his students, but he's been a great teacher for her academically. It's amazing to watch her grow and learn. 

This is when your proud to be a parent - despite you knowing her achievements have nothing to do with you... except maybe that you bug her to get her homework done or ground her from the computer when she is playing instead of doing her homework.

This  little bug came with me and tried to distract everyone around us as much as possible.

 Paige & Kaylee - both got a "Pricipal's Pride" award (not sure what that is except is sounds pretty dang cool.

In the back of my mind I still sometimes think about the possibility of her being switched at the hospital. I catch her in her room at times doing workbooks or reading for fun (whose kid is this?) Except the fact that her Dad is super smart and she does look like his side of the family I might be interested in some genetic testing.

 Pumpkin Contest - We love this at the kid's school. No carving aloud. It makes you get creative.

Paige won 2nd place in K-3rd grades Cartoon look-alike. I cut out all the pieces in felt. She painted herself (clothes and any exposed skin - arms, elbows, ankles, etc.) and the pumpkin. And assembled the pumpkin. She did a good job. 

This Mike W. from Monster's Inc. was 1st place, I had to take a picture. It was made by James' crush since kindergarten (Aubriann who happens to be in 5th grade) 

James entered the scariest category for K-3rd grades, and won 3rd place with his version of Darth Maul pumpkin with double ended light saber, made with Jason's help. (If you don't know who Darth Maul is, Congrats you are not a Star Wars dork so click HERE)

Paige dressed up as Padme (again if you are clueless, it wouldn't hurt to watch a few newer Star Wars episodes, but you can also click HERE). We wrapped her hair around pipe cleaners to get this look. It was crap to take out, but she did look like Abbey with super tight curls and we laughed about it for awhile. I had to work and getting ready was left up to daddy, so no pics. I will let them dress up again and snap a few pics and send them out this week. James dressed as Darth Maul (no picture, again).

Speaking of Abbey she decided to be a pirate last minute this year which was good because I was finding it hard to track down a mermaid costume in 2T. She walked around saying "I a pirate. I a pirate." She had a lot of fun this year. Not sure she got the point of it other then to eat candy and play dress-ups... but really is there any other point?


the Picketts said...

Go Paige!! LOVE the pumpkins:)

Rachel said...

Paige's hair is awesome! Yay for perfect attendance!

Jill Manning said...

Paige's pumpkin is awesome! Seriously, how creative! And I love Abbey as a pirate. And Captain Hook no less. Today we went to the park and I told Elsie on our way that she was going to go play on a slide and she said, "Slide? Abbey?" I shed a few tears, I won't lie.