Saturday, November 27, 2010

Santa's Elf on a Shelf

 I wanted to start a new tradition this year and read up on a few people remember as kids (the internet is full of them), I heard one on the radio a few years back about elves that doorbell-ditch and leave Christmas jammies, which has become one of our favorite traditions... lots of squealing and running (my kids). 

This year I was reading about nostalgic adults that had versions of the same tradition where an elf sat on shelf and reported the kids behavior to Santa, what a cute idea. A few weeks later in the bookstore I found a mass produced version of this holiday tradition. I didn't really care for the book, the dollar store looking cheaply made elf, or the price tag... so I decided to come up with my own story and elf.
(picture by Annalee Dolls)
I considered making my own elf, until I saw these at Marshall's, They are elves made by Annalee Dolls. They are adorable and completely bendable. I think I picked up a 9' elf for $14. The faces are fabric and painted on, I think they look impish and like Whoville people from the Grinch. 

Anyway, next I came up with a poem to read to my kids and begin our new tradition. I would love to share it with you as well - if you want to start this fun tradition too, please feel free to us it and Happy Holidays!!

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darissa said...

What an adorable idea! I love the poem! You are so talented:)