Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cooking Club - party for MLK day

Since the kids were out of school for MLK day we decided to have a party - a cooking party. Carla, Paige, Tessa, Seth & James. I decided to make them all aprons last minute.

 I made these two aprons out of dollar store dish towels with zebra trim and bias tape at the top.

I had bias tape left over from old projects that I used to trim these aprons with. Paige insisted we make chef hats. I used card stock cut in half and taped together for the band with tissue paper for the poof. They turned out cute.

Abbey didn't get an apron (I already have a few 2T aprons lying about) but she was serious about getting her own hat. Tessa's apron matched the boys and was made from left over scraps, rick rack, and bias tape. 

This girl is such a poser. Turn on the camera and watch this diva shine. 

 "You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life

See that girl, watch that scene, digg'n the dancing queen..." - that's Tessa.

Chef Seth and Chef James set to work on the appetizers.

Chef Seth uses a hands on technique to get the peanut butter in the celery.

Chef James goes the traditional route using utensils to constructs his "ants on a log"

Chef Paige (a professional smoothie maker) teaches Chef Carla and Chef Tessa the fine art of creating the perfect smoothie. 

 For the main course they each make their own pizza's.

 Chef Seth goes light on pizza sauce and cheese, but heavy on pepperoni.

Chef Paige "decorates" her pizza making a smiley face with hot dogs.

Don't those look appetizing? They passed on fresh veggies and went straight for cheeses, hot dogs & pepperoni's (I don't get it).

Fine dining at its best - smoothie & pizza's

Chef Paige proves its edible.

Chef Tessa nibbled her pizza but downed her smoothie.

Chef Carla content with a good day of cooking & pirating. 

Chef Seth (also a nibbler) loved his smoothie. 

Chef James loves the company of his fellow chefs. 

Fine dining critique Abbey, exploring textures, uses her hands to "drink" her smoothie. 

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Bubbly Faces said...

You are such an amazing MOM!! Thank you so much for having my kiddos over. They had so much fun. Seriously you are the best!