Sunday, January 9, 2011

unexpected visitor

 Friday afternnoon, I'm sitting around in my jams nursing my baby. The phone is ringing and I'm debating whether I want to juggle Elle attached and try to get to the phone.

 but I'm so glad I did... it was my big sissa here from Conneticut. It's been 2 years since I've seen her and it was such a treat to have her stop by (She was in town for her nephews farewell) - she and her husband were here for a couple hours and loved all over baby Elle. She is my first sibling to see Elle and beable to kiss on her. Thanks Alli for stopping by. It totally made my day.

 Also, I have to post about my Christmas gift. Jason and I said we wouldn't buy gifts for each other. But he is a big fat LIAR. I didn't buy him anything (now I feel like a JERK!)

He gave me $ to pick out a new couch. Our old couch had been around since the late 90's and needed to be replaced 4 years ago. That couch had seen better days but did last the better part of 12 years.

This is my new one. We got it at Pruitts for a pretty descent price. Best part about it Jason & I can both lay down at opposite ends of it and not bug each other. I love it. I also got a new rug (a steal from shoppers outlet), a sexy lamp (big sale at JC Penny home store), and an end table exchanged from my friend down the street (Thanks Abbey)... so the cost was minimal, but the change is drastic! I love it. Thank goodness for lying husbands.


Beka said...

what a fun surprise from your sister- cant believe she's your first sibling to see your sweet baby!! LOVE your new couch- looks super comfy- cant wait to come lay down while the rest of you sew :)

Ashley said...

That is such a great suprise to see your sister. And your room looks fantastic!!! I love your new couch and rug. Looks great. Thanks for putting pics up

Jill Manning said...

Yay!!! You finally got the new couch that you have always wanted!!! I love it! And you will love the leather, its so nice to have when you have little kiddos around!