Sunday, January 9, 2011

little spazz (aka the mess maker)

Mess maker - mess maker  - make me a mess... 

It would have made me mad, but she was so happy to clean it up.

She loves the vacuum. They are fun to play with, gross and dirty, but fun.  

Look how adorable my little mess maker is - don't you wish she would come to your house to make messes? (please.)
Daddy has to help her keep focus. 

All around the Mulberry bush the monkey chases the weasel, the monkey thought it was all in fun...

Out pops an Abbey!

This was her favorite gift from Christmas. It's Dora's house. 

She made a bed inside her little house with her fake "pillow pet"- its an orange bean bag type pillow.

Arrgghhh - it's an Abbey! Run for your lives.

...but she does have great hair!

Here she is fixing her bed. It was bed time and she thought she was going to sleep here.

My little monkey!

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Jill Manning said...

She is so stinkin' cute! We really miss her a lot around here. And I am still super jealous of her gorgeous curls! I'm so impressed that she will even be in the same room as the vacuum, Elsie runs to the other end of the house when I pull ours out.