Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Kids!

 James and Paige were recently recognized for perfect attendance. That is not a type-o, it's true. Perfection in attendance.

I know my mom is flabbergasted reading this (considering I didn't really go to school my senior year) - I feel like it's proof we've kind of had a boring year... stayed at home a lot (Because of pregnancy and new baby) and we didn't have any cool trips to show for it.

I feel kind of like a failure as a parent. Yep. My kid has perfect attendance because we haven't gone anywhere or done anything fun. Well, all that is changing. We are making up for good behavior and missing a couple days the end of this month to go to Disneyland. I will teach my kids school to reward them for good behavior...

 We'll not be thinking of school as we ride on Indiana Jones and duck from getting eatin' but the enormous snake or sing along with the birds in the Tikki Room.

Paige is an ace student, you know that old saying, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" - I'm thinking for our family it would go more like, "this apple fell from the tree and rolled into the smart kids orchard"

She won the Principal's Pride award in reading - which means she's a super duper reader and if you try to talk while she is reading a book on the way home from carpool she will shush you like a librarian with a megaphone (true story - happened today).

 Here she is again getting another smart 3rd grader award. The only thing I remember from 3rd grade was standing on a chair in the middle of class singing, "Oh Mickey your so fine, your so fine you blow my mind! Hey Mickey! Hey Mickey!"because the ADHD kid of the class dared me to.

James won 'the most handsome 1st grader boy in the audience' award, presented by his mom.

Here is Paige with her 2 bff's.  - Chrystal Anderson (Jason knew her parents growing up), and Kaylee. We are so glad they moved in.


JC and Jen Young said...

Good job both of you, Sadie gets so mad at me when I take her out of school becasue she never gets the perfect attendence. Way to go paige on the reading award!!!!

Beka said...

haha- maren- i enjoyed reading this post!!:) you're a great mom!!!